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We are planting seeds

This plant started as a small seed. 

 By planting/sowing seeds when it lands on good fertile soil will grow as we see in the house plant.  The soil ( your heart) is full of nutrients that will help the (seed) God's word grow in your heart, mind and soul into someone spiritually beautiful inside and out.  It all starts with a desire to want to.

What we do

 Breaking down the word of God by building a firm foundation.  As a child you started by crawling, then started to walk, now walking, and now you can run.  Your foundation as a child took a while but, you made it. 

Meetings Currently

 We are currently holding weekly Google Meets on Thursdays at 7:00 P.M  for  approximately one hour.  If you would to join and  gain access to this  room send me your email address and let me know you want inn ( i will send you the link).  Once admitted you will be able to meet in the comfort of your home, office, vehicle or wherever you are with your electronic device.

Walls Can Hurt You

 Those walls that have been built over the years in your life.  Walls of unbelief, distrust, and sin you name it.  Let's work together and rebuild a strong wall called the word of God in your life. 

What Has Lounging Done

If for some reason you cannot attend or miss access to the meeting , you can always listen  HERE   Share this link with anyone you know.  In the lounge you can listen when  ever you have the time and listen to many different topics that will help you get closer to God and have scripture support. Men, women, and sometimes children are all together in the lounge.  

Want to learn?

Search For Truth Bible Study ( in the comfort of your home) with chart  is taught online for one hour  on Thursday nights from 7-8pm. PST

Always room for you!

 Today our lives are full  (some by choice, some by circumstance ). We cannot let the devil crowd God out of lives and steal our time away from God.  All of us have open space in our lives at least once a week for God.  Step out by faith !


We, just like God in a Christian manner are waiting for you with open arms.  We know once you believe and receive Gods word you will fell compelled to take action. We encourage you to sign up for Thursday Nights and come with an open heart. You will leave with a different understanding of  the Bible and learn somethings you may not have known. No, twisted meanings.

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